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Chris Schulze, high resolution photoChris Schulze is a Hawaii-raised keyboardist who composes engaging instrumental music with an international flair! Tracks are available for Your personal enjoyment and may also be licensed for commercial usage. Chris is also available to score television and film score projects. Please direct all inquiries HERE.

LATEST NEWS January 6, 2016

MomThings musically slowed since the release of my last CD back in December 2014. There's a lot piled up on the backburner waiting for the right time to say go, but existing priorities have changed.

My mother has been in stage 4 cancer for the last two years and I have been taking care of her during this time.

It is an honor to be with her during this part of her life. She has outlived her predicted survival rate to an astounding degree. She was given 6 months to a year to live back in November 2013, and again, 6 months to live back in April 2015! Yet here she is. Doctors: 0 Mom: 2 like a BOSS!

MomOnly she knows when it's her time, and I'll be devoting that time and energy to her. I am quite sure when the music kicks back on somewhere beyond that point, it will be as moving as this time has been. In fact I'm gathering pictures and videos to form a video with music as a tribute to her.

As some of you who've followed her story know - she drove me as a kid to be a musician, even as a mom who is deaf and never once heard anything I wrote. I really wanted her to hear it as much as she. And I know that someday, she will.

Hawaii Skin Diver TV Please enjoy these new Youtube videosposted on the Youtube page. There you'll find the new tracks The Boat, The Journey and a remix of Seaside Swing from the album Soundwaves! Enjoy, and more to come...

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Hawaii Skin Diver TV My music is featured on the international episodes of Hawaii Skin Diver. Mahalo to Red Sea Ocean Adventures producer for the recent spot on Hawaii Skin Diver in Indonesia! Watch for new episode announcements featuring my Music here. Tune in to OC16 channel 12 or 1012 HD, or watch it online at

This album marks the end of a 3 year journey which resulted in an exotic blend of piano ballads, jazz, flamenco, spacey sounds and a sassy, prog rock piece to top it all off! Please use the CDBaby player below to sample the songs, as well as purchase the CD or tracks.



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