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Chris Schulze playing Korg Trinity
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Chris Schulze, high resolution photoChris Schulze is a Hawaii-raised keyboardist who composes engaging instrumental music with an international flair! Tracks are available for Your personal enjoyment and may also be licensed for commercial usage. Chris is also available to score television and film score projects. Please direct all inquiries HERE.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Wednesday, July 13. 2016
Chris Schulze, high resolution photoHey Tone Poem fans, as many of you know, my mom passed away back in May. There has been a huge amount of aftermath to deal with, yet I want you to know I haven't abandoned this endevour by any means! I will be back in the studio soon, and I really appreciate your patience as I get through this experience. I've had a few ideas spinning around and can only tell you the wait will be worth it. How long? I'd say in a couple more weeks from here there should be something new. Check back soon...much love to all. ~Chris

Chris Schulze music featured on HAWAII SKIN DIVER!
Hawaii Skin Diver TV Thanks to Kyle Nakamoto and the crew at Red Sea Ocean Adventures for featuring my music last month on Hawaii Skin Diver in Tonga, featured on Oceanic Time Warner Cable's OC16 channel, also available to OCTW subscribers online via! Look for upcoming announcements for future showings featuring my tunes! Aloha!

Hawaii Skin Diver TV Please enjoy these new Youtube videosposted on the Youtube page. There you'll find the new tracks The Boat, The Journey and a remix of Seaside Swing from the album Soundwaves! Enjoy, and more to come...

New Music Videos: Tone Poems!

Chris Schulze on Piano
Came up with a new idea for an exercise: To post impromptu, improvisational music vids here once a week. Just sitting at a piano and carving out whatever comes to heart! Below you'll find the first YouTube video, made just today. Enjoy!


Tone Poem#1 - Teardrops on the Ocean

Tone Poem#2 - For Mom

Tone Poem#3 - Summer Day

Tone Poem#4 - The Years Gone By

This album marks the end of a 3 year journey which resulted in an exotic blend of piano ballads, jazz, flamenco, spacey sounds and a sassy, prog rock piece to top it all off! Please use the CDBaby player below to sample the songs, as well as purchase the CD or tracks.



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